Instructional Development Examples

Here, I want to share a few examples of development skills that I’ve utilized over the years.


Instructional Audio Sample – This is a voice over that I recorded and edited for a series of training videos for the Better Parenting organization.


Promotional video for the Creativity, Innovation, and Design Group at BYU.  I created an voiced the script as well as did all of the animation in Adobe After Effects.

Innovation Boot Camp – Promotional video for a 1 day workshop hosted by the BYU CID group.  Scripted, shot, and edited by myself.

Online Course Development

Hum110: Intro to Film Online – This is a course that I have been teaching since 2008 at LWIT.  In 2010, I changed the class to fully online, and in 2012, I migrated the class to Canvas.

Presentation Design

Digital Storytelling: Commercial Concepts – Example of a presentation that was created for a instructor-led class.

eLearning Development

LDS Tech – This was a prototype version of our proposed training, developed inside of Adobe Captivate.