Instructional Design Projects

Thanksgiving Point

In the fall of 2014, I worked with a team to redesign a museum space at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, UT.  Our goal was to use an agile approach to instructional design to create an emotional experience in museum visitors. The goal of the project was to teach guests about where their food comes from, while facilitating the museums goal of “Transformative Family Learning”.  Here are some artifacts from the design process:

Final Design Document

Rendered Visualization of Our Proposed Exhibit

Creativity, Innovation, and Design Group

In 2014, I worked with BYU’s Creativity, Innovation, and Design Group to create instructional materials to inform students about ways that they could be involved in CID-related activities at the University.  Here are some of the major projects that I completed:

CID Group Website – I helped conceptualize, design, and launch the website for the CID Group.

CID Promotional Video – I created and voiced the script as well as did all of the animation in After Effects

Inside the Innovation Boot Camp – I produced, shot, and edited this entire video

LDS Tech

In the Fall of 2013, our student group from BYU was assigned to develop a training for LDS Tech.  The purpose of this training was to help newly called Stake Technology Specialists in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, understand the roles and responsibilities of their calling.  We felt that the training that we developed met its intended purpose, and our client was happy with the result.  The following are some artifacts from that project:

Design Document – This document (although lengthy) describes our process in developing the training for LDS Tech
Training Prototype – We developed a preliminary prototype in Adobe Captivate

 Lake Washington Institute of Technology

During my 5 years as a full-time instructor in design at Lake Washington Institute of Technology, I was responsible for the development and delivery of over 10 face-to-face, online, and hybrid classes. Here are a few examples of some of the content that I developed during my time there:

Hum110: Intro to Film Online – This is a course that I have been teaching since 2008 at LWIT.  In 2010, I changed the class to fully online, and in 2012, I migrated the class to Canvas.
Slideshare – You can see many of the lectures that I prepared for my classes via my Slideshare account.
Sample Project – Here is a sample project from one of my classes – Digital Storytelling.