The Post Post Show – Episode 4

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Here’s the new episode of the Post Post Show.  I’m not sure what time it airs, but I just need to put it up for organizational sakes. I’m really growing to love this process of creating these shows.  Just so you know, I create all of my shows in Garageband — which is the reason why it appears as one big track.  While I don’t consider Garageband to be a serious audio editor, it is super useful for putting things together pretty easy.  I can quickly rearrange things on my timeline and easily transition from songs to samples through the use of the volume envelopes.  Here is what one of my sessions look like:

I’ve been slowly realizing how this show is a version of storytelling for me.  While I am creating an episode, I seriously consider the mood that each song sets and how I can transition from one song to another.  I think it would be an interesting exercise to take one of my episodes and create a short story or short film soundtracked by an episode.  Or I could do the opposite.  Think of a short story, map out specific scenes, and create an episode that would be a counterpart to these stories.

Anyway, here is the playlist from the episode:

  • The Album Leaf “Story Board”
  • Player Piano “Sudden Left”
  • Maserati “Closer Than You Know How”
  • Do Make Say Think “Ontario Plates”

The Post Post Show – Episode 4