Minimalist Poster: Primer


If any of you have not seen the movie Primer you really need to get on Netflix right now and watch it.  For the design project, I decided to do the minimalist Movie poster.  I did the poster in illustrator, because I thought it would be relatively easy to build a box, but I spent most of my time fighting with the box.  Getting the perspective to look okay, getting the color to be right — this is ironic of course if you have seen the movie, because in the movie they are constantly fighting with the box or the idea of the box and it’s implications.

Anyway, this was a relatively quick job and I am not totally satisfied, but it is a step in the direction that I want to go.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • Matt Dietz

    Nice job! I love that movie, even though it is possibly one of the most confusing I have ever seen. I was thinking about doing a minimalist poster for it also but I am choosing to do Totoro instead, haha. Have you seen this one before, it’s a pretty nice one for Primer :

  • Jim Groom

    OK, OK, now I have to go see Primer.

    • robnyland

      I can’t believe that you haven’t seen it. I think it is up on Netflix instant these days.