The Post Post Show

So I just finished my first half hour set for DS 106 radio.  I love what the radio project has become, but I think about it way too much and probably devote too much time to thinking about what kind of things I can devise for it.  So, I’m telling myself that after this, I am going to get back to my other responsibilities as well as that 2nd part of Assignment 2 (My dog ate my homework?).  So here it is, episode 1 of “The Post Post Show”, 30 minutes of Post Rock and Field Recordings.

The Post Post Show

Set List

  • In Flight Announcment (
  • Mogwai – “Punk Rock”
  • This Will Destroy You – “Threads”
  • Night Ambience (
  • Explosions in the Sky – “The Long Spring”
  • Street Ambience (
  • The Handcart Company – “I Do (But I Don’t)”
  • Broken Social Scene – “Guilty Cubicles”
  • Airport (
  • Do Make Say Think – “The Landlord is Dead”
  • Airport (
  • Jim

    Post-post show will be running today, tune-in and dream a dream. I need to get back to my life too, but I just can’t just yet, and i will pay 🙂

  • dkernohan

    Love it! Right up my street.

  • Noise Professor

    I loves me some TWDY – The World is Our ________ is maybe one of my all-time favorite songs? Soaring and awesome. Can’t wait to hear your set.

    • robnyland

      Even though I rarely go out to a show these days, I went and saw TWDY when they came to town. Was a little underwhelmed, maybe sounded to close to the record and I wanted some more dynamics.

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  • Noise Professor

    Your set was just on ds106 radio, and the guitar tone around 3 mins into the DMST song is killing me dead.