Bumpers Made for ds106 radio

It’s been a little hard to do the actual work for ds106 because all I want to do is create bumpers and programs for the ds106 radio station.  Anyway, here is a bumper that I created, incorporating some good ol’ Freaks and Geeks into it.

Bumper 1

  • http://bavatuesdays.com Jim Groom

    What is that from–Freaks and Geeks is my guess, how close am I?

    • http://robnyland.com/blog robnyland

      you are right on! But I also put that in the blog post.

      • http://bavatuesdays.com Jim

        Well, I can you cans ee who read and who didn’t 🙂 #busted

  • http://networkeffects.ca Grant

    #ds106 radio wants all the bumpers you are willing to offer … making a couple myself tonight.