DS 106 Assignment #1: 30 second story


Right now I am taking Jim Groom’s open course DS106- Digital Storytelling.  I am excited for the challenges that the course will offer me.  Oftentimes as a teacher I feel hypocritical for making my students create digital media around certain parameters while I feel like I don’t rise to the same challenge.  Our assignment this week was to create a 30 second story talking about something that happened to us recently.  Honestly, I couldn’t think about a story that had happened to me recently (which made me realize that I need to write some more of this stuff down) so I spent about an hour or so humming and hawing about what I would tell.

Finally, I decided that I would give some kinetic typography a try.  After Effects has become pretty hot recently in terms of advertising storytelling, so I thought I would give it a shot as a quick experiment.  The end product ending up being much shorter than 30-seconds and not even really a story, but somehow it captures much of my feeling at this moment.  Please enjoy!