Professional Biography


While I set this site up a while ago, I haven’t used it at all. Currently I am taking a class through Bellevue Community College called “Introduction to Elearning”. As a part of this class, I will be posting regularly to a blog and I figured this would be a good place to post that material:

Ever since I was younger, I have been drawn to the media. Growing up I wanted to be a film director. That continued to be my intention throughout High School, and upon graduation, I went to Brigham Young University with the intention of studying film. While at BYU, I began to explore my love of music. I took a few recording classes and the soon ending up doing sound for film productions. It was a good niche for me and I found a lot of work. Some of my credits can be seen on my IMDB page.

When I finished school, I took some time to work on features and then quickly decided that I missed school. In the Fall of 2005, I re-entered BYU to get a Masters in Mass Communications. The program was a good fit for me. I found that I wasn’t as interested in film art so much as the process of distributing media. I was able to attend several conferences, and wrote my thesis on the use of social networking sites among undergraduate students.

Upon finishing school, I returned to Seattle. After a couple of jobs in the media industry, I got a job as a full time faculty in the Multimedia Design and Production department at Lake Washington Technical College. I have been here for 2 years and I really love working with my students, who are constantly amazing me with some of the things that they create.

In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my wife Stephanie, eating Ice Cream and making short films with my SLR camera. Here is some footage from a wedding that I recently shot.